Want to offer your community high-level, comprehensive, advanced building science training by the largest Passive House builder education provider in America? Join forces with Emu and become a CPHT Boot Camp Affiliate.

How this works:

All you need is a local training venue and a $2000 deposit to get started. Emu's CPHT Course and Passive Pod workshop are kitted up into our super mobile Wild Emu Trailer. We will come to you with our experts and help you build a community of well-trained building science geeks. Our registration widget can be embedded into your website, and each student is charged $2100 directly. You don’t have to deal with anything except getting your community excited about building science.

  • Do you have enough members or employees ready to learn advanced building science for 4 days in-person? Min is 15 students, Max is 24.

  • Do you have a suitable venue(s) for both classroom and workshop activities? Scroll down to see our Venue Requirements.

  • Do you have dates in mind? We require a 3 month lead time for marketing and enrollment. Scroll down for our Scheduling Requirements.

  • A $2000 Setup Fee is required to get started, reserve time in Emu's schedule, and allow us to create registration links. The Setup Fee is non-refundable.

  • 1 month prior to the agreed upon Kick-Off Day, Emu will confirm if the 15 minimum has been met. If not, the Host Affiliate may purchase the remaining tickets and continue to seek enrollments.

  • Emu is responsible for our own transportation, lodging, and meals, including the delivery of the Wild Emu trailer, our expert Trainers.

Advantages to being an Emu Affiliate

We have done this... a bunch. Let us handle the heavy lifting.

  • Our Curriculum was specifically written for North America

    You don't need to worry about curriculum development or delivery. We are accredited with the Passive House Institute, and our students have a 96% pass rate on the CPHT exam compared with 88% internationally.

  • Join the biggest community of Passive House builders

    Emu has trained more builders in America than any other Passive House education provider. Our alumni have a strong network and are looking for local communities to grow with.

  • We prioritize student experience and learning opportunities.

    You can comfortably tell your local community that you are bringing them a unique learning experience that combines classroom and hands-on experience, and offers them accreditation opportunity as a CPHT.

Don't take it from us.

Here's what our Alumni have to say:

  • It was awesome to go through WHY the Passive House details/specs are what there are. It’s how we all should be building. I already had a pretty strong building science knowledge, but the course was super valuable!

    Mike Ardeljan, Dream Home Building and Design

  • Every builder should take this class. Period.

    - Jed Wolfram, Bozeman Sustainabuild

  • The knowledge of the Emu team was complimented by the skills & experience of the other attendees. My brain hurt sometimes digesting the content - but that’s a good thing. Pay yourself and sign up for this training.

    Jay Murdoch, Owens Corning

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Venue Requirements

Emu strives to offer our Passive House training in the most affordable way possible by relying on donated venues.

That being said, we also want to ensure a positive student experience and therefore require a video call and physical site visit by an Emu prior to confirming. Don't have a venue? Let's talk. Please email training@emu.systems.
Emu HQ

Scheduling Requirements

  • Setup the Schedule

    Once the Setup Fee is collected, we'll determine a schedule with a agreed upon dates for the 4-day Boot Camp and Online Exam. Typically we will schedule this 5-6 months out, to give time for marketing and enrollment.

  • Verify Minimums

    One month before Orientation Day we will verify that the minimum enrollment has been met (15 people). If not, the Host may purchase the remaining tickets and continue to seek enrollments.

  • Orientation Day

    It's go time! On Orientation Day, all students will arrive on site for 4 days of Emu's Passive Design/Build™️ Boot Camp experience. We will get them registered for the Exam and provide all materials needed, including textbook.

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  • How much is each student charged?

    The 2023 pricing of the 5-day Boot Camp is $2100 per student. That includes: 2-day course (textbook for open-book exam included), 2-day Passive Pod Workshop (material included), and 3-hr PHI accreditation exam to become a CPHT (PHI exam fees included).

  • What if we want to cover a portion of the cost for members of our community?

    If you would like to cover a portion of the per student expense, or all of it for a limited number of students, we can set up a Coupon Code for you to distribute at your discretion. In this case, we would invoice you upfront for the amount that you would like to cover, and upon payment the Coupon Code would be delivered.

  • What are the Terms & Conditions?

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