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Get Certified. Walk the walk.

Passive standards are the building codes of the future. Get on board before you get left behind.

Join the growing community of construction professionals, trained to use international best practices to cost-effectively implement Passive building standards in any climate. 

Benefits of Becoming a Certified Passive House Tradesperson

  • Five Years on the PHI Database

    After passing the exam, CPHTs are given membership and are listed on the database on the International Passive House Institute (PHI) website for 5 years

  • Listed in the Emu Directory

    We get emails every week asking if we know anyone in their area that is a CPHT. Your name and contact information will come up when people search for Certified PH Tradespeople in their area on our in-house Emu Directory.

  • Stand Out

    Professional accreditation increases your credibility with clients and colleagues in the industry alike.

Exam fees

This includes all PHI fees for taking the exam, as well as technical support from Emu and one Exam Prep session.

Why is taking the exam important?

From marketing yourself and your business to making sure you are listed in the right places for potential customers to see your Passive House expertise, getting the CPHT credential is the natural next step. It also shows Passive House architects, designers, and consultants that you speak their language – a KEY aspect to growing a project team that has high-performance building science as a goal.

What is a future Certified Passive House Tradesperson to do?

  • Enroll in Emus CPHT on-line course and meet fun and exciting people

  • Enroll in the PHI CPHT exam and become a Certified Passive House Tradesperson and the envy of all your colleagues

  • Consider traveling to one of Emu's in-person Passive Pod Workshop to really turbo boost your skills!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Exam Prep - DUE Jan 13th

    • Exam Prep - Due Jan 13th

    • Verify your Tech Setup

    • Verify your PHI information

    • Prep your work space

    • Some advice for studying

  • 2

    Tech Check Day

    • What to Expect at Tech Check

    • 10 Step Self-Guided Tech Check (OPTIONAL)

  • 3

    Exam Day! Fri, Jan 27th, 9am local time

    • What to Expect on Exam Day

  • 4

    After the Exam

    • Look out for an email from PHI.

    • Did you Pass? Strut your stuff!

    • Do you need to retake it?

    • Continue your Passive House journey!


  • What are the terms for refunds/cancellations

    We have varying terms for online versus in-person training, even though both are purchased through our online platform. We also have special circumstances we must adhere to for Exams. Please read our Refund Policy for more information, and let us know if you have any questions.

  • How do you treat my data?

    We are a small business with no desire to infringe upon your privacy. We do not sell lists, nor do we buy them. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information, or just reach out to our team.

  • Do Emus have a Terms of Use policy?

    Yes indeed! You can find the Emu Terms of Use right here: Terms

  • Do you offer group pricing or in-house training?

    Yes! If you would like to find out about group rates or licensing the curriculum for your in-house company training, please reach out to us here: Group Inquiry